Monday, September 17, 2012

Free Book Offer for Holiday Home Owners

Now summer is coming to an end, most Holiday home owners will find their rentals slowing down and coming to an end.

So what to do now?  Now is time to take stock and think about next year, yes NOW is the time to start preparing for next year.  It is never too early to start planning for next years bookings, as in the next few short months holiday makers will start to make plans for next year's holiday.

So what should you be doing?

There are three main things you should be doing now:

1) Assess your results for this year.  Did you do as well as you expected?  Did you come across any problems?  Did you marketing reach your target market?  Did you meet your financial targets as you wanted / needed?

2) Look at your marketing.  Did you reach the market you wanted to effectively?  Did you get the results you wanted from your current marketing plan?  Should you change / extend your marketing to be more effective?  Are there any new products / services to help with your marketing?  Do you know and understand your target market and what they want?  Do you need or want to change your target market?

3)  Does your property need updating or changing to make it more sellable?  Do your photos need updating?  Are they good enough?  Do you need to change some furniture or decoration to make it more appealing?  Can you make some simple changes to bring in a higher level of client thereby increasing your rentals and profits?

These are the main things you should be thinking about, with a view to get it completed by December, ready for the end of year / new year bookings.

If you need some advice and ideas, take a look at this FREE book written by Award winning Letting Expert and Marketer, Wendy Shand.

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